Authenticity Guarantee

USA Sports is pleased to announce that they have successfully launched their exclusive “Hologram” and “Certificate of Authenticity” on July 1, 2016. Each hand signed collectible will carry a tamper-proof USA Sports hologram and is witnessed by a USA Sports representative. The genuine autographed product is cataloged and will arrive with a Certificate of Authenticity. Our customers will be directed to our web site ( for further verification.

By clicking the “Auto Verify” tab on our home page you will be required to enter the specific hologram number affixed to your genuine collectible. The sports collectible enthusiast will automatically arrive at their landing page which will contain a photo of the actual genuine product received, and a description of the product.

USA Sports GUARANTEES that the hand signed collectible is genuine and authentic….with no restrictions or exclusions…..and will replace or refund the purchase price if the recipient is not 100% satisfied with the merchandise received.

All products bearing the USA Sports hologram and certificate of authenticity are exclusive to USA Sports and can only be purchased directly from USA Sports.

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